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Antigels à moteur Antigels à plomberie et industriel Huiles Huiles Spectrol Lave-vitres et produits d'hiver Solvants
  Code Size Description
946ml 3.78L 18.9L


Semi synthetic: Combines conventional base oils and premium synthetics with advanced additives to increase protection for your car’s engine. Specially formulated to provide maximum wear protection under severe driving conditions and temperatures, including towing, hauling and stop-and-go traffic. Meets and exceeds major requirements of domestic and imported vehicles; offers protection for both gasoline and turbocharged diesel-fueled vehicles.

Full synthetic: Premium formulation utilizing 100% synthetic base oil and advanced additives to increase protection. Provides the highest level of engine protection for maximum wear under any severe driving conditions and temperatures. Formulated for gasoline and light diesel engine applications.

5w30 5w40 15w40
946ml 3.78L 18.9L 208L

Heavy DUTY CJ-4

High performance engine oil formulated for a wide range of high specific output gasoline and diesel engines. It is manufactured using highly refined paraffinic base oils and select additives providing superior thermal and oxidation stability, corrosion and valve train-wear protection.

It is acceptable for use in passenger cars, trucks and heavy equipment where manufacturer recommends an API-CI-4/SL and API CJ-4/SM performance rating.

ATF 946ml


High performance multi-purpose power transmission fluid suitable for use in passenger cars and light trucks, in pre 2006 GM and Ford vehicles. Multi-vehicle and type A are also available.



Semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil is a low ash, smokeless engine oil intended for applications such as chain saws, dirt bikes, lawn and garden equipment as well as some small outboard marine engines, air-cooled and liquid-cooled engines. Multigrade 4-stroke is formulated with ultra-refined premium paraffin-based oils for high temperature and extreme pressure, performance riding and racing conditions. For use in air cooled and liquid cooled with or without wet clutches.



Universal THF fluids are formulated for use in transmissions, hydraulic systems and final drive of farm and industrial crawler tractors. Universal THF Fluids are acceptable for use in systems that require oils meeting John Deere J20C, Caterpillar TO-2, MTO, Oliver Type 55, Case Corporation JIC-143, 145, MS 1206, 1207, 1209, 1210 (TCH), Massey-Ferguson M1135, 1141, 1143, White Farm Equipment, Q-1826, Allison C-4, Kubota UDT, Ford New Holland ESN-M2C134D, FNHA-2-C-201, and International Havester B6, Volvo WB 101 Specified oils.